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Letter: Tea party doesn't advocate violence

As a supporter of the tea party movement, I was horrified to read Anne Michaud's op-ed in which she implied that right-leaning groups bore responsibility for the killing of two police officers in Las Vegas last month ["Stirring an unhealthy political brew," Opinion, June 19].

Amanda and Jerad Miller, a convicted felon, held radical anti-government beliefs not espoused by the tea party. The tea party is not anti-government. The core tenets are 1) limited government, not no government; 2) free-market economies; 3) fiscal responsibility. The tea party has never promoted violence as a means to an end.

The tea party bears no responsibility for the maniacal beliefs and evil actions of two psychotic killers. Suggesting that a "comment" on these depraved acts should have been forthcoming by the tea party is misguided and insulting to all of the law-abiding citizens who are guilty of nothing more than engaging in the political process by expressing their displeasure at the loss of liberty that is inherent with the growth of government.

Margaret Read Federico, Massapequa