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Letter: Teacher pension math 'disingenuous'

Teacher pension costs will drop significantly next year,

Teacher pension costs will drop significantly next year, with lower rates expected to save more than $100 million in Nassau and Suffolk counties alone, officials said. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Just how disingenuous can a person be? Thomas Lee, executive director and chief investment officer of the state Teachers' Retirement System, attempts to downplay the great giveaway using percentages ["Investments pay most of teacher pensions," Letters, March 19].

Whether it's 11 percent of the yearly requirement or whatever, school districts contribute $16.3 billion. This is not a paltry sum; it has a significant and ever-increasing effect on my taxes.

If the system is in good shape, let it pay for itself. I have no argument with pensions properly apportioned, but I won't be swayed by sleight-of-hand tactics.

Richard M. Frauenglass, Huntington