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Letter: Teachers' contracts will add up

Rocky Point School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Ring.

Rocky Point School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Ring. (Sept.19, 2013) Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

The Rocky Point school board will rue the day it agreed to a long-term contract with the teachers association ["Baby steps to control costs," Editorial, Sept. 26]. The board will regret this nine-year deal for a long, long time -- namely, nine years.

That contract is a Trojan horse. It locks in obscenely high pay packages for almost a decade. We need to reduce educators' salaries, not squeeze every extra dollar into their already bloated pay. With all benefits considered, our longtime elementary school teachers in Baldwin approach a pay package of $150,000 each.

Across Long Island, school districts are cutting programs and services. Their finances are stressed, all because of shrewd unions that have leveraged parental instincts into exorbitant compensation for their members. The teachers association has outfoxed the inept laymen on the Rocky Point school board.

Robert Kugelmass, Baldwin


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