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Letter: Temp UPS holiday workers underpaid

A UPS driver drives after a delivery in

A UPS driver drives after a delivery in North Andover, Mass. on Oct. 22, 2012. Credit: AP

Every year, United Parcel Service hires tens of thousands of seasonal Christmas helpers to assist drivers deliver the enormous numbers of packages and gifts. Helpers work extremely hard for about two months or so for only $8 an hour. Contract negotiations come and go, and yet no one speaks for them. The union doesn't want to give up anything at the table for these nonunion workers.

When I started as a UPS driver in 1985, helpers made what was then a decent wage. Back then, $8 an hour was more than twice the minimum wage of $3.35. As of last Wednesday, the minimum wage in New York is $8.75 an hour, which translates into a shameful and indecent image problem for UPS.

Granted in hard times, a job is a job. But to be spit out after Christmas, after hard work lugging boxes in the cold and rain for a shameful wage is unfair and unjust.

Ken Reiman, Hauppauge