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Letter: Texting fines won't change drivers

Photo illustration of texting while driving.

Photo illustration of texting while driving. Credit: Newsday, 2011 / Thomas A. Ferrara

Regarding "Tougher texting penalties for young drivers" [News, July 2], when will the Albany yahoos learn that all the texting laws are a joke? Drivers ignore them despite the fines and penalties.

Teenagers haven't the sense to drive responsibly, nor do they realize that distraction for as little as five or six seconds while texting can cause not only their death, but the death of other motorists.

While driving east or west on Route 690 from the Long Island Expressway to Sunrise Highway -- about six miles -- you can count no fewer than seven or eight texters.

Where are the patrol cars? Until law enforcement applies the same effort that it exerts to apprehend drunken drivers, the new texting laws are a joke.

Arnold Janaro, Bohemia