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Letter: Thank you to a caring family of physicians

Three generations of doctors at Winthrop-University Hospital, two

Three generations of doctors at Winthrop-University Hospital, two living and one deceased, have delivered three generations of babies from the same family. Dr. Steven Sherwin, far left, delivered Elyse Scherer, lower right. His father, the late Dr. Andrew Sherwin, represented here by his portrait, delivered Elyse's mom, Kathy Levinson, second from left, and his daughter, Dr. Alyse Sherwin, upper right, delivered two-day-old Benjamin Scherer, being held here by his mother and grandmother. The doctors and moms were reunited at a news conference at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola on Friday, July 26, 2016.

Credit: Howard Schnapp

Wonderful article about Dr. Steven Sherwin and his family [“Family ties that bind,” News, July 30].

Thirty-six years ago, Dr. Andy Sherwin delivered our daughter Lara, and almost 33 years ago Steven delivered our son Keith. My wife, Arlene, and daughter are still Steven’s patients. The article brought back great memories for us and was a wonderful acknowledgment of dedicated and caring physicians.

Steven F Lowenhar, Dix Hills