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Letter: The Catholic Church and birth control

Church steeple.

Church steeple. Credit: iStock

Writer Sonia Guizar is, of course, free to leave the Catholic Church if she does not believe its fundamental principles or finds it too difficult to live in accordance with them [“I was a devout Catholic until . . .,” Opinion, March 24]. It’s not easy to live in such a way.

But as long as church doctrine forbids contraception, its organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, cannot agree to fund it.

Insurance companies that pay for contraception coverage directly do so with money they receive from all policyholders, including those who sign a one-page form stating that they object to providing contraception.

So, those who completed it are still paying, albeit indirectly, for the contraception coverage. The Little Sisters have no choice.

Dennis Duffy, Lynbrook


Too bad Sonia Guizar did not realize that Planned Parenthood provides free birth control services to women, in addition to women’s health exams, and has for many years [“I was a devout Catholic until . . .,” Opinion, March 24].

That’s one reason why abortion is only a very small part of the organization’s protection of the health of women in this country.

Susan B. Russo, Port Jefferson