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Letter: The duel and death of Alexander Hamilton

This is an undated photo of an etching

This is an undated photo of an etching of Alexander Hamilton. The announcement in June 2015 that the $10 dollar bill's redesign would replace Hamilton with a woman was welcomed but questioned. Some have asked: Couldn't the more controversial, slave-owning President Andrew Jackson be removed from the $20 bill instead? (AP Photo) Photo Credit: AP

Many historians would disagree with statements made in a letter about Alexander Hamilton ["Hamilton doesn't belong on $10 bill," Sept. 4]. As the letter states, Aaron Burr challenged Hamilton, not vice versa, and Hamilton had an aversion to dueling after his son died in a duel three years earlier. Many believe that Hamilton missed shooting Burr on purpose, which was common in duels.

It's doubtful Hamilton was a poor shot; he served in the Continental Army. Burr was tried for treason in 1807 and acquitted. He went to Europe and tried to meet with Napoleon about a plan to conquer Florida.

Bill Marion, West Babylon