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Letter: The key question to ask at a yellow light

Cars drive down Montauk Highway near S. 7th

Cars drive down Montauk Highway near S. 7th Street in Lindenhurst, Monday, Feb. 1, 2016, where the NYS DOT will be installing a traffic light. Credit: Steve Pfost

The story “Accidents and red-light cameras” [News, April 10] was excellent and informative.

That rear-end accidents increased by 42 percent since the cameras were installed in Suffolk County in 2010, and that T-bone accidents decreased by 21.6 percent, tells me that rather than trying to abolish the red-light cameras, lawmakers should push for more driver education.

When learning to drive more than 60 years ago in New Jersey, I was taught one key point that has stayed with me: When a traffic light turns to amber, you have to ask yourself whether you can safely stop before an intersection. If the answer is yes, then do so. Only if the answer is no should you proceed into the intersection on an amber light.

Too many drivers think, “If I step on the gas, can I beat the red light?” Wrong question!

I believe the increase in rear-end accidents is caused by the driver in the rear. One should always think that the car in front of you will stop on an amber light.

William J. Van Sickle, Brentwood