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Letter: Time is right for Atlantic wind power

A photo taken on August 9, 2013 shows

A photo taken on August 9, 2013 shows sun rays over a wind and a solar hybrid parc on the Pellworm island, northern Germany. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images / Frank Zeller

A recent letter writer called plans to install wind turbines along the South Shore a “risky financial venture” [“Don’t ignore costs of local wind farms,” Aug. 28].

Well-documented, extensive research exists on the effects to the fishing and surf clam industries, as well as to commercial ports and shipping routes. What’s more, researchers have studied the environmental impact on migrating birds and whales, and the approval of each state’s native populations, to make sure no sacred grounds were included on the ocean floor in the designated development areas.

The East Coast is poised to move forward with this new industry, opening new job markets and providing more sustainable and resilient clean energies. Wind power is an idea whose time has finally come to the United States.

Linda James, East Hampton

Editor’s note: The writer is a member of the Town of East Hampton’s Energy Sustainability Committee, which is reviewing proposals to build wind turbines along the South Shore.