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Letter: Time signals to reduce fuel use

A letter writer says that despite making traffic

A letter writer says that despite making traffic lights more efficient electrically, technology to improve vehicle efficiency in intersections is not being correctly applied. Credit: Getty Images

To reduce electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions, traffic lights once illuminated with incandescent lightbulbs are now using light-emitting diodes.

This still does not focus on the core problem: poorly timed traffic signals and excessive stop signs. Greenhouse gases are emitted every time a vehicle stops and then proceeds. Trucks burn even more fossil fuel because of their weight and sometimes have to stop more than once before making it past a traffic light.

Technology exists to sense traffic and adjust light-changing patterns accordingly. This technology is not being used adequately.

Stop signs used by towns to slow down traffic need to be abolished, because they waste fuel and numb drivers as to their importance.

Gregory M. Gusew, Lake Ronkonkoma