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Letter: To keep young people on LI, cut high costs

Group of young adults.

Group of young adults. Credit: iStock

While I applaud Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone for his attempts to make Long Island more appealing to young people, I find the project for bus rapid transit still misses the mark ["By rail, air and bus," News, June 17].

If you ask people in their 20s why they're leaving in droves to points south and west, you won't hear it's because there aren't enough buses, trains or planes to get them around. Instead, you'll hear that it's too expensive to live here.

Long Island has among the highest utility bills in the country and some of the highest property tax rates.

Of my seven nieces and nephews between ages 21 and 38, five have moved off the Island to places where they have houses that are nicer, bigger and cheaper, and they pay much lower property taxes.

As I approach 60, two-thirds of my friends have chosen to leave the Island, feeling they get a lot more for their money elsewhere.

I'm hurt to see what I considered to be an ideal place to have a family deteriorate due to the seemingly uncontrollable costs of living.

Glenn Messina, East Setauket