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Letter: To students, there are many paths to success

I read with interest reader Kacie Candela's piece "The trap of college rankings" [Expressway, Aug. 16].

Candela is so right in her concluding statement: "The college you attend will not prove your worth -- it is merely a tool to help you achieve your dreams."

She had a choice between a high-ranked college and one that would better meet her needs. She chose the latter for financial reasons, but also learned a valuable lesson.

It takes many years for some to learn the lesson that this student did -- the difference between image and substance. The reason is that we, as a society, are so hung up on image.

As a professor at St. Catharine College, I have seen the anguish of students trying to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. I would like to impart one piece of advice: Give due consideration to all of the options, but do not obsess over them. There are many paths to success, and detours sometimes lead to alternative, better paths.

Harry Toder

St. Catharine, Kentucky


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