According to a new poll, 53 percent of Americans want to send ground troops to fight the Islamic State. I wish President Barack Obama would listen to them, and then make the following announcement.

Dear fellow Americans, In accordance with your wishes, I will request that Congress send ground troops to do whatever is necessary to fight ISIS. To accomplish this, I will reinstitute the draft for all Americans, ages 18 through 35, men and women. There will be no exemptions. Any draftee who does not serve will be arrested and charged with treason. The punishment for treason during wartime is execution.

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Additionally, all members of Congress and the Senate must have at least one member of his or her family serve in the front lines of the ground forces. There will be no exceptions.

There will be a new income tax imposed. As patriotic Americans, I know you will want to fund our troops.

Finally, we will begin rationing gasoline, meat, dairy, rubber and electronics. All of these are needed to support our troops and ensure victory, no matter how long it takes or how many troops must pay the ultimate price.

Russell Alexander, Brentwood