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Letters: Too many cameras watching us

A train passes under the Colonial Road bridge

A train passes under the Colonial Road bridge in Thomaston on Friday March 27, 2015. Photo Credit: Chris Ware

Too many cameras watching us

This is the last straw! Now the LIRR is going to install cameras in all of its passenger cars to spy on every single thing the passengers do . Paying your fare to get spied on.

There isn't going to be any place left in America to be free of cameras watching every place you go, every move you make. George Orwell, in his book "1984," predicted that people would be watched by "Big Brother." Even he didn't realize how BIG Big Brother would become. He must be turning over in his grave!

Ray Steinberg, East Northport

Cameras to watch whether conductors and engineers on trains are doing their jobs. Cameras on police officers to watch whether they are doing their jobs. Cameras in classrooms to watch whether teachers are doing their jobs. Next will be cameras in every home to watch whether parents are doing their jobs and cameras in every bathroom to be sure one doesn't waste water. How about that? Big Brother is already watching every move you make. Better live a clean, straight life or you'll be caught doing something wrong, and it's jail time for you, buddy!

George Strum, Stony Brook


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