Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letter: Too much crime in Huntington Station

Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone and his supporters -- some elected and many appointed -- have held power for decades. Now they want us to believe that the Huntington Station revitalization is working.

I love Huntington Station; it is my home. And I have lived, worked and raised my family here since 1959. I see no meaningful revitalization as my property values plummet and my taxes increase. And after all the money and resources spent so far, we still don't have safe neighborhoods.

After nearly 45 years since the "urban renewal" of downtown Huntington Station, what have Petrone and his court accomplished? Is his administration a PR machine, supported by the local media and funded by us the subjects, just telling us what we hope to hear?

Dennis Garetano, Huntington Station

Editor's note: The writer was a candidate for the Suffolk County Legislature in 2011.