Consolidating Hempstead's Sanitary District 2 would be a small step in the right direction. Most taxpayers don't have a clue where their tax dollars are going, who is doing the spending and the number of taxing districts.

Do we really need town governments, with their supervisors and council members, and a county government, too?

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Why can't we have a Nassau County sanitation department and open those jobs to the public with a test? Money from those tests could help the county, and hiring this way would beat the patronage system.

Why can't we have one public school system with one superintendent? If people didn't like the school system they could send their child to private schools. That would help create jobs by building more private schools and adding competition.

Consolidation is always a factor in the private sector; why isn't it on Long Island? Don't homeowners deserve the truth about patronage, duplication of services, wasteful spending and taxes?

Patrick Nicolosi, Elmont