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Letter: Town overreaching on new vineyard

The future tasting house Frederick Giachetti on the

The future tasting house Frederick Giachetti on the land where he wants to start 10-acre vineyard and wine-tasting room on Norwood Rd. in Northport, Monday, Dec. 7, 2015. The plans have angered some residents who say the proposal is dangerous and inappropriate in the residential setting across from Norwood Avenue Elementary School, and near Crab Meadow Beach. Photo Credit: Steve Pfost

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a governing body such as the Town of Huntington would reject a claim of unfair governing practices [“Town defends actions on vineyards,” News, March 28]. The town has blocked a proposed vineyard, and that action is nothing short of unwarranted. It appears to lack substantive reasoning, citing that officials have an issue with the vineyard’s proximity to the adjacent property, Norwood Avenue School.

But why? Is it the issue of pesticides and fertilizer? Under zoning regulations, the alternative would be residential development, which arguably requires the same pesticides and fertilizers.

Is it because grape production and a tasting room for an alcoholic beverage should not be permitted adjacent to an elementary school filled with children? If anything, the vineyard and the school could form a partnership to educate children on the process of farming, among other educational opportunities.

This opportunity outweighs the town’s reservations.

Ray D’Esposito, Smithtown