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Letter: Trade bill enhances corporate power

President Barack Obama makes a statement in the

President Barack Obama makes a statement in the White House on Thursday, April 23, 2015, about a U.S. drone strike that targeted a suspected al-Qaida compound in Pakistan, but inadvertently killed an American and Italian being held hostage by the group. Photo Credit: Mark Wilson

The Senate's approval of the president's "fast track" authority is not a win for American citizens ["House girds for battle over trade bill," News, June 1].

Passing this bill would severely limit congressional debate and prevent amendments to any new trade agreement. It is a darned shame to see the Senate so willingly give up its constitutional obligation for input and critical review of trade deals that have had such terrible results for us in the past.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will cost American jobs. It's a multinational corporate power grab that circumvents our laws and undermines our judicial process.

No draft text of the agreement has been publicly released. Very few members of Congress have been allowed to see the agreement.

The lack of transparency surrounding this issue is abominable. If the true provisions of this agreement were commonly known, it would not stand a chance of passage because of citizen uproar.

Catering to a large corporation's heartless pursuit of a dollar at the expense of the average American citizen is not the way I want to see this country run.

Gerald N. King, Deer Park


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