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Letter: Training sites lacking for nurses

A hospital nurse wants to know if mandatory

A hospital nurse wants to know if mandatory overtime for nurses is illegal. The employer schedules two late days a month for the whole staff. Credit: iStock

While I support writer Patricia Morton's idea to create "entrepre-nurses," she failed to include a significant part of the nursing shortage puzzle: insufficient clinical placement sites for student learning ["Creating entrepre-nurses," Opinion, July 6].

Without addressing this critical barrier to admitting larger numbers of both undergraduate and graduate nursing students, entrepreneurial efforts will not solve the problem. We need to expand the opportunities and accelerate the education process to prepare nurses to obtain the doctoral credentials necessary to address the national faculty shortage.

Harriet R. Feldman, Bellmore

Editor's note: The writer is a registered nurse and dean of the Pace University College of Health Professions and the Lienhard School of Nursing.