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Letter: Trans-Pacific deal hurts U.S. workers

Shipping containers are loaded and unloaded at the

Shipping containers are loaded and unloaded at the Georgia Ports Authority Garden City terminal on Jan. 27, 2014, in Savannah, Ga. Credit: AP

I am sick of seeing workers and the middle class being tossed aside in favor of greedy corporate profiteers. The newest issue is the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Every trade deal we've made in the last three decades has cost us manufacturing jobs and lowered our wages. These deals help a few while hurting the many. These deals are made for only one reason: to find cheaper labor.

Now that China's wages are rising, greedy businesses need a new slave-wage teat to suckle, once again leaving the rest of us high and dry. Serve it any way you want; this dish still stinks!

Carl Singer, Hicksville