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Letter: Transition underway in Hempstead

Hempstead school board president Betty Cross adjourns a

Hempstead school board president Betty Cross adjourns a meeting of the Hempstead School Board on the evening of June 23, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

I commend Newsday for its editorial "Get it right in Hempstead" [May 22]. It was thorough and right on target. However, I find fault with one aspect: It was too polite. Politeness has no place when the education of children is at stake.

For more than a decade, the school district of Hempstead has been home to a malignant cancer. On several occasions, Newsday has exposed the Betty Cross administration at the center of this cancer. The history of mismanagement, dubious contract bidding and flagrant intimidation speaks for itself, but the latest demonstration of malfeasance is the decertification of a certified vote of the people of Hempstead.

The last two rounds of controversial elections signal transition is underway.

Ron Scott, St. James