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Letter: Trump a threat to abortion rights

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally, Wednesday, April 6, 2016, in Bethpage. Suffolk Republicans said Trump will headline a fundraiser Thursday, April 14, in Patchogue. Credit: AP

Memo to Donald Trump: Women who have abortions already feel punished and suffer [“A pitch to unions for Clinton,” News, April 1]. Forty years ago, I favored the right to choose, though I never dreamed I’d make the choice. Then I had a profoundly retarded child, lost a child with birth defects in the eighth month, consulted a geneticist who advised adoption and had a contraceptive coil inserted.

Months after I adopted a healthy baby, I missed a period and panicked. My ob-gyn pronounced it a hysterical pregnancy, and I believed him until I began to show.

Abortion wasn’t legal in New York, so my doctor performed a so-called therapeutic procedure and then tied my tubes — which was predicated on my husband giving permission. Of course, he agreed. I was relieved, but deeply resentful about the loss of autonomy.

I beseech all Americans to reject Trump and his hateful band of anti-female brothers who want to erase women’s rights. Haven’t we suffered enough?

Carol Cott Gross, East Northport


Columnist Cathy Young’s description of Donald Trump’s insults as equivalent to the behavior of an 8-year-old overlooks the fact that there is always time for an 8-year-old to mature [“Trump’s core belief is rather simple,” Opinion, March 29].

William J. Breuer, Malverne