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Letter: Trump's appeal is in the pocketbook

Donald Trump, Republican presidential front-runner, is boasting about

Donald Trump, Republican presidential front-runner, is boasting about his lead in the polls and sniping at rivals. Credit: Getty Images / Sean Rayford

I take it that columnist Lane Filler doesn't believe in America's moral authority or exceptionalism ["Trump taps America's imperious pride," Opinion, Sept. 16]. Yes, America has some flaws as a country, however, it is better than all the rest.

We don't kidnap, behead or seize. We correct our flaws. We are that shining light on the hill. This is because of our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian philosophy. We fight corruption and do not consider fraud acceptable. The fact that we mourn our dead on Sept. 11 doesn't diminish the fact that Iraqi people mourn their dead.

Donald Trump doesn't hit our imperious pride. He hits our pocketbooks. The taxes we pay are prohibitive, as are health care premiums for middle-income workers.

People like the idea that perhaps if we secure the borders, taxpayers will stop having to pay welfare benefits to immigrants here illegally.

Do other nations have to listen to America? No, but Trump who studied the law of contracts at Wharton Business School is telling us that our contracts with other nations are one-sided in their favor. They don't have to listen to us; we just have to negotiate so that all nations involved give something and take something.

I'm not a Trump supporter, but he is hitting a nerve, and not the nerve that Filler erroneously depicts.

Catherine Finelli, Bellmore