It's been years since the public had access to a family restaurant, beyond snack bars, at Jones Beach ["Talks could end 'Ocean' impasse," News, June 2]. For years, visitors have seen an ugly pink fence around a big hole. What happened in the halls in Albany that permitted Donald Trump to get permission to build this facility? This is a state park, not Atlantic City.

Trump has planned a monstrosity called Trump on the Ocean. The website for this project states that it is for corporate functions, weddings and social catering. The website does not give much detail on the public restaurant, nor a floor plan for the building. This does not sound like a facility that the average family could use after a day on the beach. Considering the economy today, can the average person in New York afford this facility?

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It is a disgrace that the state government is allowing this to happen. I would much prefer to see one of the many good family restaurants on Long Island have a shot at having a restaurant at Jones Beach that we can all afford.

Patrick Murray, Seaford