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Letter: Trumps should learn from Ivanka episode

Ivanka Trump is considered a close adviser to

Ivanka Trump is considered a close adviser to her father. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt

It must’ve been so horrible and terrifying for Ivanka Trump and her family to be harassed on a public airline [“Ivanka Trump ‘accosted’ by flight passenger,” News, Dec. 23].

I can only hope that experiencing that will help her to understand how innocent groups — such as, but not limited to, immigrants, Muslims or LGBT people — feel when they are harassed in the same terrifying manner. I hope it helps her convince her father of the utmost importance of upholding the Constitution and our civil rights — especially eliminating dehumanizing laws like North Carolina’s HB2 bathroom statute, callous immigration reform and a potential Muslim registry.

Donald Trump called the Berlin Christmas massacre “an attack on humanity,” yet he and many of his Republican peers don’t seem to think that keeping transgender people out of the bathrooms of the gender they now identify with is inhuman.

Any leader who doesn’t value human rights above all things, including above the economy, cannot be trusted to look after anyone’s needs but his or her own.

Carolyn Mandelino, Massapequa