Nassau County police union president James Carver does not want body cameras on his officers because nobody asked him first about starting a pilot program ["Police union head knocks body cam pilot," News, May 20]. Could this be a "selfie" fit over nothing?

Disregarding the use of body cameras that the Village of Freeport police have had in place for all officers since April, Carver plans to file an injunction with the Public Employment Relations Board to prevent county officials from implementing a tryout. A total of 31 officers would wear the cameras for a year beginning Aug. 1.

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Carver claims it's a put-down of his Police Benevolent Association membership to be told to wear cameras, even though police departments across the country do it. "Our police officers do the right thing each and every day," Carver argued, "and they don't need a camera around their neck to have the public be assured that they're doing the right thing."

He likened the body cameras to the county's controversial school-zone speed cameras, which were scrapped after a public outcry -- an irrelevant comparison.

Joe Krupinski, Sea Cliff