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Letter: U.S. must improve education system

Classrooms across Long Island were empty on Thursday.

Classrooms across Long Island were empty on Thursday. Check our listings of delayed openings, closures and cancellations to see what's in store for Friday. Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

There is no trouble rating teachers in America: They fail ["As the Core turns . . .," Editorial, Feb. 23].

Simply look at how American students compare worldwide, and that is all the rating we need. The world has rated us, and we don't even rank in the top 20 in math and not close to the top 10 in reading. Those are failing grades.

Parents and teachers continue to fail to see how America is shooting itself in the foot for the future. Many teachers and students refuse to put in the hard work and self-evaluation needed to compete worldwide. Parents stick their noses into education and have little if any qualification to do so.

Every time I see students winning science and other awards, the majority appear to be from Asian cultural backgrounds. We spend millions of dollars ignoring failure and fighting teacher evaluation systems when the worldwide data is already in.

Rich Adrian, Huntington