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Letter: U.S. must wipe out Islamic State

Protestors call on President Barack Obama to help

Protestors call on President Barack Obama to help end the bloodshed of Iraqi Christians as hundreds demonstrate against the terrorist group ISIS in Sterling Heights, Michigan on Sunday, Aug.10, 2014. Credit: AP / Brandy Baker

It took a series of vicious beheadings and a weak Iraqi army to bring together the United States, Iran and Syrian President Bashar Assad ["Syria 'OK' with U.S. strikes," News, Sept. 30]. Who would have thought that would happen?

Yes, the boots of the U.S.-led coalition will stamp out the Islamic State cockroaches, if the American public supports "boots on the ground" in Syria and Iraq. I'm guessing that after several months of pinpoint air attacks, especially if we can knock out some of the bigger targets, coalition ground forces led by Iran, Jordan, the Saudis, a resurgent Iraq and anti-Assad rebels -- supported and trained by the United States -- will eradicate the Islamic State.

Will this take 10 years as some have predicted? No way. How about 10 months?

Steve Haar, Bayville

I don't understand all the discussion of the Islamic State threat. In the Gulf War, we went in wholeheartedly against a supposedly qualified force for "the mother of all battles," in the words of Saddam Hussein. Casualties were remarkably low.

If we went in against the Islamic State with this same spirit, in overwhelming numbers, and with armor and air power, should the results be any different?

Let's take our rightful place in the world. When disasters hit, who does the world come to for help? Let's take confident control of this situation and get on the road to healing!

If today's leaders were in charge during World War II, we'd now be speaking German or Japanese.

Frank Grunseich, Deer Park