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Letter: U.S. Senate fails to curb money

This photo taken July 23, 2013, shows the

This photo taken July 23, 2013, shows the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Credit: AP

Let's thank the U.S. Senate for voting against an amendment to overturn Citizens United, reaffirming the concept of "one dollar, one vote" instead of the antiquated "one man, one vote." Can you imagine the mess this country would be in if big money couldn't buy its politicians?

The student loan problem might get solved. Climate change would be recognized as a legitimate concern. Income inequality and the demise of the middle class would be addressed. Instead, we get the status quo.

The current state of affairs in this country is the result of the free-market approach we take to solve every problem that confronts us. We will not get anywhere until we stop selling our country, our elected officials and our government to the highest bidder.

James Orlandi, Central Islip