U.S. athletes are performing better for the country than the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Ralph Lauren Corp.

There have been calls, unheeded, to have all U.S. Olympic uniforms made in this country. Congress could legislate this, but there has been no such move, only an occasional expression of outrage.

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I have a bolder suggestion that ought to be no problem for either side of the aisle. Congress should legislate that every single item purchased by any federal department be manufactured here.

That includes every desk, chair, paper clip, piece of paper, pencil, pen, computer, DVD, software program, vehicle (made in, not simply assembled in), furnace, hot water heater, gun, bullet, bomb, airplane and everything in every U.S. military post exchange in the world.

This would create an enormous demand for American-made products. Supply would follow, jobs would follow and renewed prosperity would follow. The "private sector" would flourish. It might be more expensive and our taxes might go up a bit. Would that really be a problem?

Fred Kolo, East Hampton