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Good Afternoon

Letter: UN is useless at solving problems

The United Nations was based in Lake Success

The United Nations was based in Lake Success from 1945 until the cornerstone of the present UN building in Manhattan was laid in 1951. The UN headquarters, a complex with its easy-to-recognize main building the Secretariat, center, is seen here on July 11, 2013. Credit: AP

The United Nations is criticizing the United States for our policies on policing, torture, Guantanamo Bay and capital punishment ["UN panel criticizes U.S. over torture," News, Nov. 29].

Why doesn't the UN, which is nothing more than an ineffectual, biased, highly paid debating society, do something worthwhile? Stop ethnic cleansing, the killing of non-Muslims in the Middle East, the mutilation of women in many Third World countries, or human trafficking.

The UN doesn't do much because it is pathetic.

Walter McCarthy, Massapequa