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Letter: Unhappy with 10 years non-smoking

A man smokes a cigarette at a coffee

A man smokes a cigarette at a coffee shop. (June 19, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

I see Newsday printed a puff piece celebrating 10 years of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's smoking ban ["Bloomberg toasts 10 years of smoking ban," News, March 28]. True to form in such articles, it features Bloomberg making unsubstantiated claims of health benefits ("10,000 fewer premature deaths") and the obligatory thumbs-up from a bartender. If anyone is unhappy with this intolerant bit of attempted social engineering, you would never know it from reading this.

There are still a handful of favorite watering holes where one can light up while enjoying a pint; let's hope they remain under the radar of Bloomberg and his minions.

Chris Sorochin, Farmingdale