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Letter: Union-busting is the real evil

Protesters rally Tuesday evening inside the Wisconsin State

Protesters rally Tuesday evening inside the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison in response to the state's top court ruling that supports the law taking away collective-bargaining rights. (June 14, 2011) Credit: AP

The letter "Campaign donations skew public policy" [Dec. 1] was a screed against public workers and their unions, and it's but one more rant that simplistically targets workers and their unions as the source of society's ills.

Rather than selfishly indulge his prejudices and bore readers with a tedious polemic, the writer should invest his hyperbolic "facts" with simple truth. He should take time to expose the myth perpetrated upon the real U.S. producer class: the working class.

This myth gives union-busting law firms near-hero status, and it begs objective inquiry. Those guardians of the public trust freely feed at the public trough and enrich themselves. They are not community-spirited management consultants; they're civil society's version of the unholy alliance forged by the military-industrial fraternity that menaces our economic and societal well-being.

Ron King, Commack

Editor's note: The writer is Long Island region director for the Civil Service Employees Association.