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Letter: Unsafe conditions in Great Neck Plaza

The Maestro, a 94-unit rental complex with 19

The Maestro, a 94-unit rental complex with 19 affordable housing units, at 255 Great Neck Rd. in Great Neck Plaza on May 30, 2014. Credit: Jeremy Bales

I am concerned about plans by Great Neck Plaza for “improvements” at Welwyn Road and Shoreward Drive [“Plan to accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists,” News, Feb. 11]. The so-called safety enhancements that Mayor Jean Celender and the trustees enacted on Barstow Road have made a bad situation worse. The concrete center divider and the “bulbout” at the corner of North Station Plaza and Barstow have narrowed a bottleneck that was already bad.

When a car — or worse, an SUV or truck — opens its door at the curb, traffic cannot safely pass.

Suzanne Mueller, Great Neck Plaza