Regarding "Rich Long Islanders can afford taxes" [Letters, Dec. 6], I'm very happy that the writers are so willing to pay higher taxes. Add the desired amount to your yearly tax returns of your own free "pay your fair share" will.

The amount of new taxes is immaterial. The fact that there is a need for higher taxes is material. Higher taxes are the fault of our political leaders -- both sides! I've paid nearly half my earnings in taxes for 35 years, and I deal with that. Not another percentage point should be required. Intelligent spending of my tax money is required.

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I worked my way to and through college. I work seven-day weeks, 12- to 18-hour days, holidays and the like. I work on commission, and if I don't work, I don't get paid. I go days at a time without sleep to meet deadlines.

My good salary is a result of hard work and long hours. Don't tell me I benefited from everything the country offers. I'm proud to be an American who can do as I see fit. No one does it for me.

John Romita, Port Jefferson