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Letter: Use new MTA money for raises

The Metro-North train station in Yonkers. (Nov. 5,

The Metro-North train station in Yonkers. (Nov. 5, 2012) Credit: Faye Murman

As new state aid finds its way to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the agency debates how to allocate those funds, perhaps the agency and its board should start thinking about the workforce ["MTA may boost service," News, April 25].

Labor is several years into pay freezes, and negotiations have stalled as the MTA is not budging from its agenda to punish its employees, who are the only resource that can deliver the improved service leadership seeks to provide.

The MTA has an obligation to its workforce, but it appears that issue continues to be swept under the rug. Sooner or later, that may lead to legal and painful consequences.

Anthony Simon, Babylon

Editor's note: The writer is the general chairman of the transportation division of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation Union.