Some candidates for president have vowed, if elected, to make America the most powerful military nation in the world [“Charges fly at debate,” News, Feb. 14]. Right now, the American military has enough power to destroy the world many times over. Isn’t that enough power?

In the long run, military power has a better chance of destroying the world than saving it. I want to see America become the most powerful nation in pursuing nonviolent methods of solving world problems. I want to see America become the most caring country in the world by giving health insurance to every citizen.

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I want America to become the wisest country, by giving free tuition to every boy and girl who seeks a college or vocational education, and to have the largest middle class in the world.

I want America to become a nation that has a capitalist system that cares more for people than profits. This is what the American dream is really about!

Julius Jacobs, East Islip