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Letter: Voter privacy is mostly secure

Voting booths at the Bellport Middle School on

Voting booths at the Bellport Middle School on May 15, 2012. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

The woman who wrote "Voting privacy is a worry here" [Letters, March 25] is worrying needlessly about her privacy being invaded.

She was asked to use a different ballot machine, and it was probably designated for another district. You can cast a ballot only on a machine that is designated for your district. The machine may have also been equipped especially for handicapped users.

There is no way to know in what order the votes were cast, or who voted for which candidate, even in the case of a write-in ballot.

The number that was "assigned" to this voter was to make sure that the votes on the machine match the number of people voting, so that no mistakes are made. This is important especially in case the polls get busy.

I find that the bigger problems with privacy have to do with the ability of others to see the completed ballots of the voters while they are being inserted into the machines. Always use the folder while inserting the ballot, and feel free to ask any election workers to step back from the machine if you feel that they can see your ballot.

Joy Rubenstein, Lake Ronkonkoma

Editor's note: The writer worked as a polling inspector in Suffolk County.