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Letter: Voters must demand assessment change

The Nassau County Assessor's office in Mineola.

The Nassau County Assessor's office in Mineola. Credit: Charles Eckert

You couldn't find two people better qualified to offer a common sense solution to rid Nassau County of its onerous property tax assessment system than former Nassau County Assessor Harvey Levinson ["A clear-cut way to assess property," Opinion, Jan. 3] and retired New York State Supreme Court Justice Leo McGinity ["Nassau needs legal assessment change," Letters, Jan. 24].

They have laid out a detailed case to scrap the discredited Nassau County assessment system, making several specific recommendations. The current convoluted system has resulted in a never-ending, costly stream of litigation by taxpayers who challenge its inherent unfairness. As a result, scores of certiorari firms have sprung up to "help" bewildered taxpayers seek assessment reductions.

These firms have come away with millions of dollars in fees for their efforts. Ultimately, it is the taxpayers who pay these fees. This cottage industry will continue forever unless our assessment system is fixed.

Each week I receive mail from three or four certiorari firms seeking to represent me in this reassessment quagmire. We taxpayers must demand, via the voting booth, that Nassau County and the State Legislature put an end to it.

William Schroeder, Rockville Centre