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Letter: Voting privacy is a worry here

Voting on Long Island.

Voting on Long Island. Credit: Instagram: @pxwhittle

I beg to differ with the Your Community Watchdog item headlined "Experts don't see numbers adding up to voter privacy worry" [March 8].

I was recently given a ballot, and when I was done filling it out, I walked across the room to an electronic ballot box that had no one near it. I was told I had to wait on another line where two people standing.

When I asked why, I was told that it was so my ballot could be coordinated with my number. That to me means if I'm No. 20, then it will be known that No. 20 voted for a specific candidate.

For the school budget vote, I have had to hand the poll worker a handwritten number which they say is coordinated to my name. They use the old ballot machines, and at the end of voting, they know, for example, that No. 22 voted for the budget.

Merril Berg, Hewlett


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