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Letter: Washington must embrace the middle

The Capitol dome on Capitol Hill in Washington.

The Capitol dome on Capitol Hill in Washington. Photo Credit: AP

I am amazed that our highest elected officials cannot agree on what is good for the people who put them in office ["As DC fiddles, LI braces for fall," News, Dec. 28].

As we approach the "fiscal cliff," and a potential recession looms, I ponder why my taxes should go up again. I certainly pay enough, between income tax, property tax, sales tax, gasoline tax -- the list goes on. Didn't America fight a revolution to get away from so much taxation?

So as we sit on the sidelines looking at what is going on in Congress, with all the finger-pointing, the real issue is not about what's good for you and me, it's the struggle for power between Democrats and Republicans. You and I are caught in the middle.

I look at our elected officials as our first-responders. In the wake of the recent natural disaster, our real first-responders did not take a break until the job was done. Sometimes, sacrificing oneself for the good of all is the right thing to do.

Philip A Boscia, Syosset