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Letter: We need a wider choice of leaders

Although Hillary Clinton still leads Donald Trump by

Although Hillary Clinton still leads Donald Trump by more than 5 percentage points, a new Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll released on Friday, Aug. 12, 2016, showed support for both candidates has remained unmoved in recent weeks. Credit: Getty Images composite

I respectfully disagree with the premise that we, the voting public, are responsible for the paucity of decency and honesty of the presidential candidates [“Who to blame for wretched election?” Opinion, Aug. 17].

We have a Hobson’s choice, being in the thrall of two decidedly corrupt entities in the two major parties. Should you doubt, simply reference the spate of unrelenting scandals, equally distributed between those two entities, months upon months on end.

Should one of honesty and integrity wish to challenge the ingrained system, they must confront, at the onset, the excess of money that overflows the coffers of the existing parties. Simply getting a sufficiency of signatures on a petition is a major effort. Given that accomplished, and a ballot line obtained, advertising costs will soon impoverish the novice office seeker.

Moreover, one had best be well armed as an Armadillo to defend against the heinous attacks and lies that will be forthcoming during a campaign.

I submit that someone must take the lead in holding public discussions regarding the current state of politics.

Richard M. Frauenglass, Huntington


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