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Letter: We need big gov't stimulus

After all the election-year malarkey about job creation, have we forgotten that President Dwight D. Eisenhower created the biggest economic boom in history with his Interstate Highway System ["Obama to Romney: Let's sit down and talk," News, Nov. 15]?

Federal funds paid for planning, construction and maintenance of highways. These roads inspired people to travel and created demand for cars, while the jobs created income to pay for everything. All that economic activity generated more jobs, in producing and trucking everything from produce to industrial and commercial goods, which created even more demand and competition for new and better products. General Motors became the biggest employer in the nation, but it was Eisenhower's Interstate Highway System that created all those jobs.

Then something went terribly wrong.

While the wealthiest among us were willing to pay taxes as high as 90 percent to fight World War II and build afterward, wealthy conservatives today cry when asked to pay 39 percent, even though they are the biggest beneficiaries of government. Forget the ruinous cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let someone else's children pay for that!

We need general prosperity: Raise taxes and create jobs with a big federal program.

James Moyssiadis, Mount Sinai