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Letter: Well-connected do well in Nassau

Nassau's spending on outside counsel under Republican County

Nassau's spending on outside counsel under Republican County Executive Edward Mangano are more than double the average contract spending in the county attorney's office during the last four years of former Democratic county executive Thomas Suozzi's term. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

After years of economic difficulties, Americans could wonder where to find the land of opportunity. Well folks, it's right here in Nassau County ["Mangano's secretary moves on," News, Sept. 1].

Where else can you earn $69,732 as a secretary to the county executive and then secure a position paying $164,999 at the Nassau University Medical Center as the director of intergovernmental affairs and community services?

In what other land can you serve as the full-time economic development zone coordinator of a township -- Hempstead -- and also earn $66,470 a year as a part-time Nassau golf attendant ["A 2nd look at patronage," News Column, July 29]? Right here in Nassau County, of course!

Had the Statue of Liberty been located in Nassau County, it would have been inscribed, "Give me your Republican families, friends and party members yearning to use their political connections."

Michael Cooney, Massapequa Park