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Letter: Wendy Davis' political ambitions

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis smiles as she heads

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis smiles as she heads to speak to reporters after an education roundtable meeting in Arlington, Texas, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014. Credit: AP / LM Otero

In her column, Cathy Young states that "the criticism of Davis as a bad parent has sexist elements" ["Texas candidacy brings on the sexism," Opinion, Jan. 28].

I would argue that it was Davis who cynically used her parental role to promote her political aspirations. Describing herself as a single mother, Davis put her relationship to her children front and center in the political debate over the Texas late-term abortion law.

Not only did she misrepresent what her parental role actually was, but she also used that phony narrative to bolster her image as the next great feminist heroine. Davis was not a bad mother because she gave up custody of her children, but because she was willing to use them to enhance her political aspirations.

Carol Sefick, East Meadow