The news story "Overrun hedges are road hazard" [News, March 17] says the hedges have made bicycling dangerous on West Shore Road, my experience with these hedges goes back to the mid-1970s.

Growing up in nearby Syosset, I often pedaled down to Oyster Bay and beyond. The inaccessible shoulder forces bicycles to share the travel lane with cars and trucks. To get by the hedges safely meant waiting for the Cliff Road traffic light and racing to get past, before the southbound traffic caught up.

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At best, the hedges were cut back once a year. In addition, there are storm drains with six to eight inches of drop on the east side. These drops force bicyclists to enter the travel lanes and hope motorists behind are paying attention.

How about creating a safe shoulder on this road, which would require only a few feet per side? While no one wants to infringe on private land, this cause seems to be a correct use of eminent domain -- for the good of public safety. Let's all get behind this good cause and make it happen.

Paul Falvey, Patchogue