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Letter: What’s wrong with NYC’s shelters

Volunteer Vanessa Thompson (L) interviews a homeless

Volunteer Vanessa Thompson (L) interviews a homeless man in a subway station in the early morning hours during the first citywide homeless street count March 8, 2005. Credit: Getty / Mario Tama

What is wrong with NYC’s shelters?

It’s sad that the commuters at Penn Station feel they are being “inconvenienced and harassed” by Penn’s homeless population [“Homelessness in Penn Station: Unsolved problem,” News, April 25].

While there are shelters available, these homeless people choose to stay in Penn Station. That tells us something. What is wrong with the available shelters? Who decides what is habitable?

Is it any wonder that many homeless people have mental instability?

Who really has the problem, the individual who can stride right past a homeless person, feeling this person is a nuisance, or a homeless person who just needs a chance at a better life?

Julie L. Newman

West Babylon