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Letter: What would Clinton do about shootings?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, N.C., Sept. 27, 2016. Photo Credit: AP

Hillary Clinton should be in Charlotte, North Carolina, despite the city mayor’s reluctance to have the presidential candidates there [“Peaceful protest at N.C. stadium,” News, Sept. 26]. I want to know how, as president, Clinton would use existing resources to end the deaths of black men at the hands of police officers.

Leaders take charge during crises: Robert F. Kennedy’s speech in Indianapolis helped prevent violence on the night the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in 1968. Kennedy’s Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration initiative, launched in 1964, addressed economic decay akin to what was revealed after protests over police shootings in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee and elsewhere.

How would Clinton use legislation, executive orders, federal resources and her own bully pulpit to help?

Michael McQuillanBrooklyn

Editor’s note: The writer contributes to police-community relations coverage for the History News Network.