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Letter: Where is planning for alternative energy?

A photo taken on August 9, 2013 shows

A photo taken on August 9, 2013 shows sun rays over a wind and a solar hybrid parc on the Pellworm island, northern Germany. Credit: AFP/Getty Images / Frank Zeller

The same day Newsday reported that Long Islanders pay some of the highest electric rates in the region [“LIPA rates among region’s costliest,” News, June 20], it also published the news story “PSEG delays long-awaited energy plan” — seemingly without irony.

Meanwhile, at the state and federal levels, plans for developing offshore wind are moving forward. Solar and efficiency programs have performed well and should be scaled up quickly to protect against any volatility in gas prices, as well as to address climate change.

High rates with no plan for the future is a tired old narrative for Long Islanders.

Matthew Kearns, North Babylon